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Thought Leader Interviews Part 1 - 4

Dr. Renate Volpe is an award-winning self-made success. In this thrilling video interview, she relays how she learnt from her own ‘hard knocks’ and gives key wisdom on how to to brand yourself, rise above politics and to give your gift authentically to the world.To view the interview click this links:





Book Contribution

I am searching for up to thirty women, – provocative, intriguing, deeply contemplative women who are prepared to gloriously expose themselves and their lives.

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Contribute-to-the-bookSome of you will remember that five years ago I considered writing a South African book with South African women,  based on the US Top Bestseller

Entitled: The Bitch in the House , edited by Cathi, Hanauer.

The book is described by Zoe Heller as : “An excellent antidote to the lie of domestic bliss, Zoe Heller goes on to say that the book should be required reading for all young women. “

Women today are supposed to have it all. A fulfilling career, a loving marriage, children, fantastic sex and a beautiful home. Not to mention looking flawless at all times and younger than they actually are. Is it any wonder that so many feel angry, dissatisfied and stressed out?

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Your Contribution towards the book

I would like to put together a compilation of funny, passionate angry and provocative true life stories from women who are over twenty, whether they are single and childless, or married with children, or four times divorced.

The stories should reveal truths that polite society generally avoid at all costs, in an effort to protect the self, the status of society or the male ego. Sadly it is the secrecy of these unrevealed truths that contribute to the continued suppression of women in all strata of society.

The book should be written with a view to leaving the reader amused, saddened and reassured that they are not alone in their imperfect, different and unique female journey.

I am searching for up to thirty women, – provocative, intriguing, deeply contemplative women who are prepared to gloriously expose themselves and their lives.

Cathi Hanauer refers to the phenomena of being the “The Angel in the house.” Namely one who is Intensely sympathetic, Intensely charming, Utterly unselfish, Excelling in the art of family life, Sacrificing herself daily.

In short she is overly sensitive to the needs, wishes and concerns of others at the expense of herself . She has forgotten her right to live her own life to the full, brimming with joy and lightness of being . Instead she exists consistently weary, angry, guilty and resentful, wondering how and why others seem able to encounter life with a spirit of joy.

The South African Bitch in the House (title to be finalised) is intended to be a symbol of light, offering the relief of a shared reality, by diminishing the illusion of deceit and secrecy regarding the role the so called liberated woman in our society, and form a bridge of connectivity between sisters and their enlightened brothers.

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The criteria

  • A word document with 1000 – 5000 words.
  • Write simply , entertainingly, honestly ,wittily and provocatively.
  • In essence your story needs to highlight the difference between the fairy tale we grew up with and the reality of your life as it has been and is.
  • You are welcome to write anonymously should you so prefer.
  • Submit to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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