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Thought Leader Interviews Part 1 - 4

Dr. Renate Volpe is an award-winning self-made success. In this thrilling video interview, she relays how she learnt from her own ‘hard knocks’ and gives key wisdom on how to to brand yourself, rise above politics and to give your gift authentically to the world.To view the interview click this links:





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I am searching for up to thirty women, – provocative, intriguing, deeply contemplative women who are prepared to gloriously expose themselves and their lives.

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Fast Tracking Managers

New Course Avaliable!

Dates: 15,22,29,30 June 2016
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Avoid costly mistakes, and unnecessary frustration, focus employee development on the primary competence required in business:

Programme Objectives | Programme Details | PDF Download

Crash course in astute People Management!

Fast Tracking Managers

Any seasoned business person will tell you that business success is undoubtedly about having competent and motivated people, and being able to manage them according to a shared vision.

Programme Objectives:

Fast Tacking managers

  • A program of 5 days, focusing on the essential skills to Fast Tracking€ those employees and supervisors who require:
  • An understanding of the nature of business
  • An €œentrepreneurial mindset
  • The ability to move with the changing times
  • An insight into strategy, value driven behaviour and building work communities
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Remaining constructive and resilient during difficult times
  • Managing themselves with regard to their emotions, behaviour, motivation and attitude
  • Relating in a solution focused manner with colleagues and customers
  • Managing poor performance and inappropriate behaviour pro actively
  • Intervening effectively in crisis situations
  • Taking responsibility for managing their own careers
  • Transferring skills appropriately  to colleagues
  • Managing quality and customer feedback surveys
  • Actively participating in the building of a successful, diverse and sustainable South African business economy.

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Programme Details

Programme Fee (on request)

In house programs are presented for a minimum cost of 15 people

Dates: In-House Training
8.00 for 8.30am 12.30pm


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Full Details of the FTM Programme

View the full details of the programme by downloading the attached document.



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