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Dr. Renate Volpe is an award-winning self-made success. In this thrilling video interview, she relays how she learnt from her own ‘hard knocks’ and gives key wisdom on how to to brand yourself, rise above politics and to give your gift authentically to the world.To view the interview click this links:





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I am searching for up to thirty women, – provocative, intriguing, deeply contemplative women who are prepared to gloriously expose themselves and their lives.

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Career Assessment

The World of Work Assessment - WOW (16)

A Strategic Career Development Tool

Strategic Development Career Tool


The WOW (16) assessment is comprised of sixteen factors which influence individual strategic career management in the workplace.

In order to be astute and effective with regard to career management employees:

  • Need to know these factors are relevant.
  • Need to assess their performance with regard to each of them.
  • Need to determine the importance of each competence relevant to their optimal job performance and delivery.
  • Should ensure that they are at least competent in all areas and highly competent in those pertinent to their specific jobs.
  • Take the responsibility to ensure they attain the required development in those specific areas.
  • Doing this assessment will highlight those specific competencies requiring development for the individual or group which will enhance both their performance at work and impact their career path optimally.
  • The Benefits

    This quick user-friendly internet based career assessment offers you a fully automated comprehensive report presenting you with sixteen working definitions relevant to your specific career competencies, a personal development program and an action plan. There is a clear graphical representation of your competency levels in each of the 16 factors. The report presents you with the recommendations and relevant information needed for you to take a focused quantum leap in your career. This assessment only takes twenty minutes.

    Organisational benefits

    The WOW (16) contributes to a comprehensive Diversity, Learning and Development Strategy.

    • To some extent many Organizations remain masculine contexts.
    • More astute and effective women leadership is required.
    • As such it is essential that organizations take accountability for enhancing the caliber of their women leaders.
    • In order to do so in a comprehensive and orderly manner there needs to be an understanding of those areas in which career women need to have competence in order to be effective over and above their base technical expertise at the work front.
    • Participation enhances responsibility, and as such when the WOW (16) Assessment is completed by individual employees as part of a Learning and Development needs assessment, and is then followed up by a Diversity Strategy in response to those needs expressed by the participants in the survey, one ends up with a motivated team of people who are keen to participate in their own career development.

    Value Add

    A Company report with criteria provided by you, presenting you with a qualitative and cost effective Diversity Survey.



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