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Dr. Renate Volpe is an award-winning self-made success. In this thrilling video interview, she relays how she learnt from her own ‘hard knocks’ and gives key wisdom on how to to brand yourself, rise above politics and to give your gift authentically to the world.To view the interview click this links:





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Personal Branding

Personal Branding and Networking

New Course Avaliable! Dates: 17 Mar 2016
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Personal branding is about understanding your own unique combination of intellectual and emotional and spiritual strengths, together with your skills values and passions, and using these to differentiate yourself at work or in the broader market place.

Constructing your brand involves making conscious your promise of quality, consistency, competency and reliability

A two hour branding workshop would cover the following;

  • Why you should have a brand
  • Assessing your current brand
  • Identifying your vision and purpose
  • Determining your unique strengths and competencies
  • Investigating how others see you
  • Assessing values and passions
  • Analysing the competitive landscape
  • Assessing white space in the market
  • Segmenting the target audience
  • Creating your own unique branding statement
  • Knowing your audience
  • Determining your communication tools
  • Prioritising goals
  • Developing a plan to link your brand to all that you do
  • A self-branding questionnaire



It is not just what we know in life that matters, it is very much about whom we know and the quality of these relationships. The more people we have access to, the better, our business opportunities, We need to get out there and tell people about what it is that we do well, and how we will both mutually benefit from a business relationship. Networking is not about friendship, it is about having a reciprocal relationship that will evolve in a mutually beneficial manner, the benefits of networking include an enhanced power base, broader access to resources expanding your sphere of influence, and supportive mentorship from peers.


A two hour workshop on networking will cover the following:

  • Who versus What
  • Why?
  • The benefits of networks
  • The types of networks
  • Transacting versus interacting
  • A networking strategy
  • Making yourself memorable
  • The elevator speech
  • Mapping your network
  • Determining the quality of the relationships
  • Leaving a visible impression
  • Networking a room
  • Styles of networking
  • Conversation starters
  • Maintaining your network
  • Networking skills inventory
  • Bargaining skills

Course Details


R2 200.00.00 excl vat p/p

Refreshments, Training Manuals & PQ Career Pack Included

FEE = R2 200.00 excluding vat


Registration: 8h00am -

Workshop: 8h00am - 13h00pm

Venue: Metropolitan Office Park, 8 Hillside Road, Parktown, Ground Floor - Tshikululu Social Investments.
In house Training
We also do in-house workshops for a minimum of 15 people

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