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Women Leadership Survey 2015 results



Women Leadership Survey 2015 results shared:

A Woman in Leadership Survey was conducted by Dr Renate Volpe in September 2015 with a view to determining which competencies need to be developed in order for Women Leaders to further their careers.

The World of Work Assessment – WOW (16), a Strategic Career Development Tool was designed by Dr R Volpe in 2012. It is an inexpensive R 500 per person, internet based assessment which and takes only 20 minutes to complete.

The Assessment provides a developmental overview of 16 factors which are critical to career development for employees.

These are namely;

1. Technical skills,

2. Personal mastery

3. Personal branding

4. Networking

5. Presentation ability

6. Diversity

7. Negotiation

8. Self Esteem

9. Financial acumen

10. Strategic thinking

11. Work life balance

12. Conflict management

13. Political acumen

14. Coaching

15. Resilience

16. Transformation



Sample size and participating


Leading in a diverse and transforming society

Between 2012 and 2014 a sample of 75 senior women from the following organisations Hollard, Netcare, Goldfields, IDC, Standard Bank, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Absa, Eskom, De Beers, City Power, Sasol, Transnet, FNB, BHP Billiton, Tshikululu, Engen, T Systems, Momentum Holdings, EMC, Nissan, Sun International, Group Five, Alexandre Forbes, Peermont Global, Department of communications, Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, Department of Economic Development,Old Mutual, Life Health Care, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Cooper Vision SA, National Renal Care, and HUDACO Industries amongst others participated in a study to determine their developmental needs.

The findings of this study were as follows:

The 75 women leaders perceived themselves as severely lacking in:


  1. Networking (35%) and
  2. Personal Branding competencies (49%)



Mediocre skill sets were seen to be:


  1. Political skills (Playing the Corporate Game) (61%) and
  2. Technical skills (62%)
  3. Coaching (63%)
  4. Strategic thinking (64%)
  5. Work life balance (66%)
  6. Negotiation skills (66%)
  7. Self- esteem (67%)
  8. Financial acumen (69%)
  9. Transformation (69%)



Competence reflected in the areas of:


  1. Conflict management (72%)
  2. Diversity (72%)
  3. Personal Mastery (72%) and
  4. Presentation ability (75%)
  5. Resilience (77%)



In brief the difference between a job and a career is that the former is operationally and inward focused and the latter is focused on the future, broader perspectives and making a difference.

In order for women to rise to the higher ranks of organisations they need to understand that the 5 main competences required for a successful career are:

1. Networking (35%)

2. Having a personal brand (49%)

3. Political acumen (playing the corporate game) (61%)

4. Strategic thinking (64%)

5. Negotiation (66%)


This mini survey convincingly informs us that across industries corporate and government alike, women require development intervention attending to these five mentioned skills.

Dr R Volpe Leadership Consultants Specialise in the development of these core skills.

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